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  • Escape Room Commercial

    Escape Room Commercial

    Dramatic Videos, Video

    This is how I do Commercials… 90 Second Commercial I produced and Co-Directed with Kayden Ressel. It’s for Los Angele’s most realistic Escape Room…The Basement. Check them out at

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  • Method (Teaser/Trailer)

    Method (Teaser/Trailer)

    Dramatic Videos, Video

    Teaser/Trailer for “Method”

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  • Method (Short Film)

    Method (Short Film)

    Dramatic Videos, Video

    Be sure to change YouTube’s settings so you can watch it in 1080p HD

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  • Dramatic/Comedic Reel

    Dramatic/Comedic Reel

    Dramatic Videos, Video

    Jay’s Comedic and Dramatic Acting Reel for 2015 Edited by Jay Nelson, Joe Hackman and Adam Johns

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  • Facebook Is Not Your Friend

    Facebook Is Not Your Friend


    A sketch exploring the idea: What if Facebook were a person? Starring Skyler Stone as Facebook and featuring Ron Jeremy, and the top two watched Viners on earth King Bach and Brittany Furlan.

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  • Django Unchained Parody

    Django Unchained Parody

    Sketches, Video

    Django Unchained Parody (2Chainz!) Written, Directed and Produced by my boy Andrew Bachelor on BachelorPadTv Featuring Yours Truly  

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  • Three Little Words (Short Film)

    Three Little Words (Short Film)

    Dramatic Videos, Video

    Here is another Short Film I was involved in.  I play the Boyfriend of this film that explores the one-sided view we have of relationships. Written and Directed by Sara Lynne Wright

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  • After I’ve Gone (Short Film)

    After I’ve Gone (Short Film)

    Dramatic Videos, Video

    After I’ve Gone is a short film that explores the idea of purgatories and mental purgatories.   It is currently being sent out to many Short Film Festivals

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  • One Liner Jokes

    One Liner Jokes

    Stand-Up, Video

    This is 5 minutes from a set I did at the Ultimate Laff Down Compeition.  Took First place that night!!!

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  • You haven’t seen “Derek Eats A Sandwich”?

    You haven’t seen “Derek Eats A Sandwich”?

    Sketches, Video

    This short sketch makes fun of Viral Videos and the people who are constantly forcing you to watch the FUNNIEST video they’ve ever seen…EVER.

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  • Stand-up (Short form jokes)

    Stand-up (Short form jokes)

    Stand-Up, Video

    Some One-liners and shorter jokes

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  • Born Wicked: The Cahill Witch Chronicles

    Born Wicked: The Cahill Witch Chronicles

    Dramatic Videos

    Yes, apparently they’re making trailers for books now.  In this book Trailer I play Finn Belastra, the romantic lead.

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  • Trixie’s Score

    Trixie’s Score

    Dramatic Videos, Video

    Select cuts from the film Trixie’s Score.  In this film I play a sex-driven jock.

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  • Stand-up Set

    Stand-up Set

    Stand-Up, Video

    A short set of Jay Nelson performing Stand-up at Flappers Comedy Club in L.A.’s longest running comedy competition: Uncle Clyde’s! Topic include: Texting, Marijuana, and a highly awkward situation.

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  • Veal Oscar

    Veal Oscar

    Sketches, Video

    What is the Veal Oscar? You know how some restaurant reviews say “Vegan Friendly,” well the following sketch does not take place at one of those restaurants. Jay Nelson plays a brutally honest waiter in this quick sketch. Featuring Brittany Furlan, Kayden Ressel. Filmed by Joshua De La Garza. Written and edited by Jay Nelson

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Jay is a Florida-born L.A. based Actor/Comic.  He enjoys writing vague biographies about his life in the third person and French-Toast.


I believe in the power of art and the power of stories.  Stories, if told correctly, have the ability to transform people, and I enjoy being a part of that process, whether it is on the stage, behind the screen or in front of the camera.  I was born to entertain.


In Britain they call this a "CV"




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After I’ve Gone Lead – The Intern Sara Lynne Wright
Terms of Use Handsome Stranger Julia Duncan
Three Little Words Lead – Him Sara Lynne Wright
It Aint Easy Being Green Supporting – Jones Daniel Watson

Herpes: A Love Story

Lead – Robert

Max Weissberg – AFI

I’m Not Sorry Angry Guest Max Weissberg – AFI
Farewell, Jimmy Young Jimmy Sang Kim – AFI
Trixie’s Score Supporting – Trevor Valerie Landsburg
Project X Hot Tub Guy Warner Brothers Studios
Gingerdead Man 3D: Saturday Night Cleaver Skater # 1 Full Moon Productions
Against the Grain Frat Guy # 3 Elias G. Mael
The Forgotten Coast Supporting – Ken David Scott Leatherwood
Someone More Like Me (Music Video) Lead – John Adam Johns
My Four Inch Precious Supporting – Villain Model Sou Yun Sim
The Rite of Spring Cleaning Lead – Jeremy Kevin Jai Johnson
Marriage Counceling Lead – Steve Avital Epstein
Among the Lovely Leaves Lead – Scott FSU Film School MFA Film
CAKED Supporting – Stripper Cop FSU Film School BFA Film
Reserved for Employee of the Month Lead – Jack FSU Film School BFA Film
Chicken Cheerlearder Lead – Mark FSU Film School BFA Film
Chicas Lead – Will Rob Duprey
90 to Mobile Lead – Andy Michael Fahey



Rob (Series Regular)

Adam Johns


Born Wicked (Trailer) Lead- Finn Belastra

Penguin Publishers

Corporate Survivalist (9 Spots) Lead – Tom Franchise Mama
Wholesters Promo Wholester Guy # 1 Bumfoot Rabbit Productions
Karma (Theft PSA) Lead – Thief USC – Mike Hsu
Spring Parade of Homes Voice Over Brighthouse Networks


Nike/Perry Ellis Swimmer Christopher Montella
BCN SKIES (Decathlon) Fitness Model NEAT Productions


LARPERS (Pilot Presentation) Rob Three Hat Productions
The Sketch Artist The Artist Von Trapp Productions
A Long Night… Jesse Greg Kashmanian
Charge! Spartan Warrior College Humor
The Origin of the Mayan Calendar Mayan Chief Von Trapp Productions
Veal Oscar Waiter Von Trapp Productions
You Haven’t Seen “Derek Eats A Sandwich”? Devon Von Trapp Productions
Tell Kate I said “Hi” Josh Von Trapp Productions


Il Turco in Italia Beach bum L.A. Opera


As You Like It Oliver Peter Bennett
Troilus and Cressida Diomedes Chad Larabee
Limbo Julian Candace O’neil Cihocki
MFA Social Issues Project Cult Leader Candace O’neil Cihocki


Flapper’s Comedy Club M.C. Flapper’s (Burbank)
Comedy Zone Tallahassee Resident M.C. & Performer March ’08 – Dec. ’09


Upright Citizens Brigade Improv Susannah Becket
London Theatre Academy Advanced Scene Study Ben Naylor
London Theatre Academy Voice and Movement Yvonee Morley
London Theatre Academy Improvisation Mick Barnfather
London Theatre Academy Dialects Jan Haydn-Rowles
Scene Study/Audition Don Phillip Smith
Cold Reading/Audition Mark Tillman
Audition/Improv Joe Reich
Florida State University BA Theatre Program Acting I-II George Judy, Guy Molnar


Florida State University Major: Theatre
Minor: Psychology
Minor: Communications

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5’10” Weight: 168.4 lbs Eyes: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown Hair Length: Short  


Alabama – Local Hire, Florida – Local hire, Hawaii – Local hire, Impersonations, International Passport, learning dialects, Louisiana – Local hire, Mississippi – Local hi, Stand-up Comedy, Baseball, Basketball, Billiards/Pool Player, Body Building, Body Surfing, Bowling, Boxing, Canoeing, Cycling, Fishing, Football, Frisbee, Golf, Lifeguard, Racquetball, Rappelling, Rollerblading, Running – General, Running – Long Distance, Running – Sprint, Sky Diving, Snorkeling, Snow Skiing – Downhill, Snow Skiing – General, Snowboarding, Squash, Stage Combat, Swimming – ability – general, Swimming – backstroke, Swimming – breast stroke, Swimming – butterfly, Swimming – diving, Swimming – freestyle, Tennis, Track & Field, Water Skiing, Weight Lifting, Yoga, Comedian, Dance Belly, Dance Swing, Host, Impressionist, Improvisation, Licensed Driver, Modeling, Teleprompter, Vocal Range: Bass, Voiceover, British – BBC English Accent, British – Cockney Accent, Southern Accent



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